VENUE – The Office Bar Tuatara Habitat Afterparty

  • When: 3rd Mar
  • Where: (V4) The Office
  • Show map

Tuatara Habitat Party: The Office Bar Upstairs 

bio coming soon..

Model Motel
Model Motel are a dynamic five piece Indie/Pop band who are causing a ripple in the Wellington music pond. Formed in 2018 in the practice rooms of Massey’s Commercial music program – their music exudes feelings of nostalgia and hopefulness, laden with emotion. Embarking on a journey, from laidback to exulted.
Consisting of drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals – Model Motel’s members come from a range of unique musical backgrounds which all put their mark on the groups sound.

Hybrid Rose
(Rose Muollo-Gray) is a solo act, and a Cyberspace character, living in Wellington as a student/bedroom producer. Her musical character showcases the embodiment of princess peach in a k-hole, picking up where Zowie left off and if Lady Gaga really did have a dick. In her mind, Rose describes herself as ‘eccentrically awkward’ and her visuals are heavily influenced by 1960’s retro space art.

Huge thank you to Samantha Miller for the poster design x

6:00 – 7:00pmHalfpace
7:00 – 8:00pmART SCHOOL
8:00 – 9:00pmHybrid Rose