Zero Waste


We aim to make Newtown Festival a Zero Waste event.

To achieve this Food & Beverage Stalls need to use compostable, reusable, or recyclable packing.

Reusable or compostable is best! We require all of our food stallholders to use containers, plates, cups, cutlery, and napkins that can be composted in Wellington. This is part of the Stallholder Terms and Conditions all stallholders agree to.

See here for a Packaging Guide with detailed information about which products are acceptable and which are not.

Biochoice, Biopak, Bioware, Ecoware, Eco Soulife, Friendlypak/Vegware, Green Bean eco-tableware and Innocent Packaging are approved suppliers who sell compostable products. However, not all the products sold by these companies are acceptable. PLA (plant based plastic) lined products (like compostable coffee cups) and their lids are accepted, but other PLA (clear, hard) is not accepted for composting in Wellington. It will be taken to the landfill. This applies to cutlery, smoothie cups, straws, containers, etc even if they are marked ‘compostable’, so please find an alternative.

Discounts for Newtown Festival Stallholders

Two companies are offering discounts and their catalogues are below.

Innocent Packaging:



The Zero Waste efforts at Newtown Festival are supported by a generous grant from Wellington Community Trust.