Booking Zones

When you book you select a zone as your preferred stall site location:


Stall Location Trading Hours

MAIN STREETS – Zones A, B,  C and F

Stalls in Riddiford, Constable and Rintoul Streets trade until 5pm

SIDE STREETS – Zones E  and G

Stalls in Green St trade until 5.30pm

Stalls in Emmett St, Normanby St, Donald McLean St and Arney St trade until 6pm

Stalls in Newtown Avenue trade until 8pm

Stalls in Wilson St trade until 8.30pm

Selecting a Zone when you book does not guarantee that you will be allocated a stall site in that zone.

Local businesses have first priority (outside their premises) as do repeat returning stall holders who book and pay promptly.

Themed Stall Precincts

Which themed area might best suit what you want to sell, or the information your stall gives out ?

You can get a good sense of the Newtown Festival layout from our 2018 Stalls Directory This lists all the stalls in Festival Stall Block clusters and also describes each Stall Block’s other Festival features. Most years we fine tune the Festival layout using the principal of evolution,rather than revolution !

FOOD STALLS are mostly grouped in food areas:

  • Emmett St
  • Rintoul St
  • Wilson St
  • Constable St
  • Newtown Ave
  • Donald McLean St

Emmett St [ Stall Block 10 ] is exclusively a food precinct.

Rintoul St [ Stall Block 11 ] has a food precinct set up like an outdoor restaurant. There are tables and chairs for the public and FREE plates, cups, bowls and cutlery for all the food stalls to serve on / in. Volunteer staff run the outdoor steriliser dishwasher – doing the dishes all day !

Although there are a number of food stalls in Riddiford St [ Stall Blocks 1- 8 ] most of them are local businesses opening outside their own premises.

Green St [ Stall Block 20 ] specialises in handcrafts, and information stalls. There is no music stage in this side street.

Arney St [ Stall Block 80 ] Is set up as a family zone with lots of FREE activities for younger children, including Circus activities and the street circuit providing FREE kids balance bike rides

Donald Maclean St and Fergusson St host STREET SPORTS A precinct where a selection of sports organisations and play experts provide FREE games for young and old all day long

POWER SUPPLY limits the choice of where we can put you to areas where there are temporary generators.  There are generators in the food stall precincts + powering the stages and toilet trucks.

Green Street Stalls:photo Green St 2015

Stall Site Allocation

Our stalls team looks in detail at what you tell us you are selling or are providing information on. They care about how our Festival works for everyone on the day and carefully try very hard to find a good spot for every stall. The sooner you book and pay the more likely you are to get the place you want.

When you book use “Preferred Locations, Site Requirements & Comments” to tell us which street or precinct you would like and explain why your preference is important, tell us everything we might need to know about your set up and also give us other location options – second and third choices, in case your selected spot isn’t available.

Our Festival Site filled up a month before Fairday in 2018 and we had to wait-list stall bookings. For 2019 stall bookings will CLOSE on 10 February !

Some locations are over subscribed by mid year. Local businesses have first priority as do repeat returning stall holders who book and pay promptly.

Big stalls can only fit in certain places.

For power supply and hand washing reasons most food stalls need to be clustered together in one of the 6 food areas.

Due to the number of stall bookings and pressure on space, we might not be able to take multiple bookings from the same outlets for 2019. If you want multiple sites for the same product please be aware we may need to wait-list some of your extra bookings.

Taking all these factors into account, our stalls team then allocate stall sites based on WHEN you PAID for your booking – booking early only helps if you also PAY EARLY !  Please note that for 2019 the early bird discount prices apply to payments made before 10 November 2018. 

If you want to pay by instalments please get in touch, and we can organise this with you.

If you have any questions, please contact us