Food Stalls

Please read the booking notes and book your stall on the main booking page.

When you have booked your food or drink stall please complete the Newtown Festival WCC Food and Drink Stall Information Form – see below for more information.  The form asks questions about what packaging you use. We want all food vendors to use fully compostable containers, bags, napkins, cutlery and so on.  As regular food stallholders will know, each year the Festival, with its Zero Waste policy, has been increasing its efforts to reduce waste to landfill. We aim to divert 90% of waste from landfill in 2019!

Safe Food & Beverage Handling

The Wellington City Council Environmental Health Team requires additional details from all stalls selling food or drink. This includes stalls selling sweets, cakes, jams, or chutneys, and stalls selling only drinks.

When you fill in our online Food and Drink Stall Information Form for WCC you confirm that you meet prescribed safe food and beverage handling requirements, and you describe how you will be able to wash hands at your stall.

Send us supporting documents: If your set up has a Mobile Food Licence, or a Food Safety Programme, or a Food Control Plan, or you have a personal Food Handling Hygiene Certificate (or similar ), then please send us a copy of these to We provide WCC with all your details. Everyone needs to complete the Food and Drink Stall Information form, even if you already hold a food licence or have a Food Control Plan registered with Council.

Your completed online form is processed by the Council’s Environmental Health Team well in advance of the Newtown Festival.  On fair day officers from the WCC Environmental Health Team inspect all the Food stalls at the Festival.  Please note that approved stallholders can be asked to leave the event if they are unable to meet safe food handling requirements on the day.

The WCC Environmental Health Team Guidelines are very helpful for food and drink stalls.

A reminder about completing our online form will be emailed to you (along with the invoice email) when you book a stall and tick ‘selling food’.  The convenient new online portal replaces the paper form that in past years everyone had to print and fill out and return to us by email.

Newtown Festival Foot Stall Levy

All food and beverage stalls are charged an extra $80 per stall. This levy pays the WCC licence fees charged for each stall selling food or drink at the Festival and makes a contribution towards paying for recycling and waste management, which costs thousands of $$$ each year. Food and drink stalls generate the majority of the Fair’s recycling and waste.

If the food that you sell is all pre-packaged and is not intended for eating at the Fair you still need to register as a food stall, but we can reduce the levy. Examples are jams and other preserves or confectionary. Please contact us to explain your situation before you pay – we will respond promptly.

Food Stall Locations

Food stalls often ask to be in the Riddiford St zones.  However although there are a number of food stalls in Riddiford St they are local businesses opening outside their own premises.  We can’t provide stalls with power in Riddiford Street. Food stalls are mostly grouped in food precincts – Emmett St, Rintoul St, Wilson St, Constable St, Newtown Ave and Donald McLean St. In Wilson St and Newtown Ave the bands keep playing till late (Wilson St 8.30, Newtown Ave 8.00pm) and stalls can keep trading late too.

Handwashing At Your Stall

Wellington City Council Environmental Health Team requires that all Food Stalls at the Newtown Festival provide handwashing as part of the stall set up. Local business who have a food stall outside can use the handwashing facilities in their premises behind and stalls selling drinks or sealed precooked cakes, jams, or chutneys will not require a hand-washing station.

Food Stall instructions

Additional to handwashing at your stall, food stalls are clustered in precincts near where there is also hot water available for hand and utensil washing. Nearby there will also be toilets stallholders can use. Your stall site information packs will show you where the nearest hot water washing facilities and toilets are located. In the morning, when you set up, ask your fair Site Marshal to point these out to you, and ask them to show you where you can empty a water bucket.

DO NOT empty your water buckets into the gutter – other stall holders have goods and equipment in the gutter

Zero Waste

As regular food stallholders will know, each year the Festival, with its Zero Waste policy, has been increasing its efforts to reduce waste to landfill. We aim to divert 90% of waste from landfill in 2019!

If you have any questions, please contact us