STAGE – Zoo Bar Sounds Almighty Sound System

  • When: 3rd Mar
  • Where: (11) Sounds Almighty Sound System
  • Show map

The Sounds Almighty Laneway is in Donald McLean St, next to the Zoo Bar.

Sounds Almighty Sound System is a custom built Jamaican Music Sound System, that has been providing Wellington and New Zealand with cultural music from the West Indies for over 20 years now, playing family friendly events to late night parties, year in and year out. Also alongside running a reggae radio show on Radio Active for 20 years.

We’ve been involved with Newtown Festival for eight years running and provide a very enigmatic day of special music that people have been enjoying as their special oasis, has become a major draw card for people at the Newtown Festival.

We are looking forward to continuing to put together an amazing day of cultural music and providing the Wellington Community with what they want from us. Beautiful music for Good People.

10:00 amSounds Almighty
12:00 amSun-Ray
1:00 pmSteve Da Hat
2:00 pmMikki Dee
3:00 pmArveen
4:00 pmSteppa D
5:00 pmManray
6:00 pmTopknot