Solid Gold Dance Crew

  • When: 3rd Mar 12:30pm
  • Where: (14) Coffee Supreme South Stage
  • Show map

80% attitude, 20% skill, 100% costume, solid gold have been blowing minds and breaking hearts since 2015. Solid Gold bring the party and make you wonder where that leopard print leotard got to…

Born from the Solid Gold Sound System, we grew like wild flowers from paticipatory early morning Lycra laden jazzercize at Wellington train station, before shifting to live performances with a Spandeau Ballet covers band at the Arolympics and Aro valley fair. Some of us have semi pro experience in our past, all of us have enthusiasm. Since those early days, we’ve graced the streets at Newtown Fest, Cuba Dupa, Lux and Beervana.