Stages 2019


STAGE - Tangata Whenua Stage

Programmed by Noel Woods

Where:(1) Tangata Whenua Stage
When:3rd Mar 9:30am

STAGE - Songs From The Old Country Stage

Song, cheer, and lament from distant lands and home countries

Where:(2) Songs From the Old Country Stage
When:3rd Mar

STAGE - Tuatara Colombo Street Stage

The Tuatara Colombo St Stage features a fun Newtown-friendly line up.

Where:(3) Tuatara Colombo St Stage
When:3rd Mar

STAGE - Parrotdog Wilson St Stage

Rock n roll, psychedelia, indie, sludgy stoner doom, feminist, garage and surf punk rock

Where:(4a) Parrotdog Wilson St Stage
When:3rd Mar

STAGE - Death Ray's Newtown Festival Budget Showcase

Step right the hell up MO-FO's cos ow Death Ray cave is providing the sickkkkkk Rock N Roll tunes for the 2019 Wu Town Festival.

Where:(4b) Death Ray Wilson St Stage
When:3rd Mar 4:00pm

STAGE - Newtown New World Community Stage

Local artists, musicians, performers and dancers

Where:(5) New World Community Stage
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

STAGE - The Living Wage Stage

Wellington musicians and poets bring a message about poverty and inequality to this year’s Festival.

Where:(6) Living Wage Stage
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

STAGE - Garage Project Newtown Ave Stage

(~‾▿‾)~(~˘▾˘)~(~‾▿‾)~ (~˘▾˘)~

Where:(7) Garage Project Newtown Ave Stage
When:3rd Mar 11:00am

STAGE - Buskers Pitch

International street entertainers to shock and amaze!

Where:(8) McDonalds Buskers Pitch
When:3rd Mar

STAGE - Fortune Favours Gordon Place Songwriters Showcase

Bringing you the songs of South Wellington!

Where:(10) Gordon Place Songwriters Showcase
When:3rd Mar

STAGE - McDonalds Newtown, New World Newtown Normanby Street Stage

Your indie-rock/singer-songwriter fix.

Where:(9) Normanby St Stage
When:3rd Mar

STAGE - Zoo Bar Sounds Almighty Sound System

Beautiful music for Good People.

Where:(11) Sounds Almighty Sound System
When:3rd Mar

STAGE - Renegade Bass Stage

Earthquake inducing bass and breakbeat riddims through alternating rounds from each crew in a clash style, on the streets of Newtown!

Where:(12) Renegade Base Stage
When:3rd Mar

STAGE - Circus Hub Stage

Inspiring passion for circus arts

Where:(13) Circus Hub Stage
When:3rd Mar

STAGE - and Coffee Supreme South Stage

Dance and sway all around the world and back to Newtown at one of the Festival's most popular stages.

Where:(14) Coffee Supreme South Stage
When:3rd Mar 10:00am

VENUE - Bebemos Bloco Party & Afterparty

Get the party shoes on for live music in the garden bar

Where:V1: Bebemos Garden Party
When:3rd Mar

VENUE - Newtown Social Club (Formerly Monterey Bar)

The little garden bar will be where you can escape the heat and madness, and have a quiet one in the shade.

Where:(V2) Newtown Social Club
When:3rd Mar

VENUE - Black Coffee DJs & Afterparty

Coffee, beers and tunes to rock'a'boogie woogie.

Where:(V3) Black Coffee DJs & Afterparty
When:3rd Mar 2:00pm

VENUE - The Office Bar Tuatara Habitat Afterparty

Come through and unwind with some tunes from some of Wellingtons newest UP AND COMING artists! Get amongst the new beer on tap that has been made for this event.

Where:(V4) The Office
When:3rd Mar

VENUE - Baobab Oasis Stage & Afterparty

Warm up & end up at Baobab Café after the festival.

Where:(V5) Baobab Courtyard Sound System & Afterparty
When:3rd Mar

VENUE - Newtown Festival: Nice. & Easy

Psst... Something is going down at Moon after Newtown festival. You didn't hear it from us.

Where:(V6) Moon DJs + Afterparty
When:3rd Mar 7:00pm

ACTIVITY - Filipino Village Carnival

Come n join our very unique ethnic showcasing in the Wellington South

Where:(A1) Filipino Village Carnival
When:3rd Mar

ACTIVITY - Fire & Emergency Burning Kitchen

Get a graphic demonstration of what NOT to do in the event of a grease fire as part of Fire and Emergency New Zealand's Kitchen Fire Demonstrator.

Where:(A3) Fire & Emergency Burning Kitchen
When:3rd Mar

ACTIVITY - Street Sports & Games

Totally free Street Games celebrating free play and closed roads. Parkour, basketball, floorball and other ball games.

Where:(A4) Street Sports & Games
When:3rd Mar

ACTIVITY - Wishbone Balance Bike Track

Rich and Jen from Wishbone with FREE street rides for littlies!

Where:(A5) Wishbone Balance Bike Track
When:3rd Mar

ACTIVITY - Festival Bike KREW Rodeo

ReBicycle is organising a mini Bike Rodeo at Newtown Festival with a bike playground for children in Gordon Place.

Where:(A6) Bike Rodeo
When:3rd Mar

ACTIVITY - Switched on Bikes Electric Bike Rides

Come ride an electric bike and WIN 2 free rentals!

Where:(A7) Switched On Electric Bike Rides
When:3rd Mar

ACTIVITY - Black Sofa Jellybean Tyre Gym

Charming and odd collection of big, bouncy, black rubber climbing sculptures for kids to boing.

Where:(A8) Black Sofa Jellybean Tyre Gym
When:3rd Mar

ACTIVITY - Lime Scooter Training Track

Come get some free Lime Scooter skills training!

Where:(A10) Lime Scooter Training Track
When:3rd Mar