• When: 3rd Mar 10:50am
  • Where: (6) Living Wage Stage
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Hinemoana Baker, calls them, ‘One of my favourite New Zealand bands of all time!’

Orangefarm has been around, off and on, since the late 90s. Their first EP, Joined at the Hip, came out in 1999 to critical acclaim. Russell Baillie from the NZ Herald described their sound as, “intimate jangle pop.”

Their second EP, The Water, released in July 2018 features five songs, opening with Do Me In, which deftly wraps its lyrical barbs in a skipping beat and propulsive strum. The EP’s other tracks offer plenty more bittersweet, literate touches and moments where the deceptively low-key music is a framework for complicated emotions and some cosmic ideas. There is an urgency to the melodic textures of the guitar, keyboards and French horn creating music that Let’s Planet’s Alan Galloway describes as, ‘exquisite,’ and ‘cinematic.’ Orangefarm comprises Nigel Mitchell (guitar and vocals), Vivien Reid, (French horn, keyboard, percussion and vocals), Karen Apperley, (drums) and Celia McAlpine (bass and vocals.)