• When: 3rd Mar 1:50pm
  • Where: (1) Tangata Whenua Stage
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OgKushh brings you sweet smooth sounding music to further increase your high and take you to another level. With his own unique blend of RnB, lovers rock reggae music that will always uplift and satisfy your senses .

Hailing from the East and West coasts of Aotearoa, New Zealand. His roots and up-bringing had always been firmly planted in the neighbourhood streets of Whanganui East, Whanganui. Growing up in a time where whānau house parties happened on the regular, playing with all the kids down the street till late, families using drugs, excessive alcohol and exampling neglect were all just the norm, music had always been present throughout his entire childhood. His love for music started from a young age, singing and moonwalking around the house imitating pop king Michael Jackson. Growing even stronger throughout his pre-teen years after discovering the father of reggae music, Bob Robert Nesta Marley. Influencing OgKushh positively through his music, stories and messages imbedded in all his songs. He also draws strong influences from the likes of NZ reggae heavy weights Katchafire and the undisputed Kora. From all of them came his passion and love for song writing and composition. His experience within the music scene had been gained through former band L40 where he pays gratitude and respect to all past and present members who have gifted their knowledge and teachings. OgKushh has been fortunate to have shared the stage with the likes of international artist Kolohe Kai, grammy award nominee J-Boog, Rebel Souljahz, Inner Circle, Maxi Priest, Third World, The Original Wailers (Al Anderson), Xzihbit and Fiji just to name a few. Also alongside New Zealand artist Katchafire, House of Shem, Three House Down, Sons of Zion, Tomorrow People, Che-Fu, Israel Starr, Aaradhna, Ranea Aperahama, Seth Haapu, again just to name a few. His overall vision and goal with music is to prove to himself that he can do it on his own.

“With every draw you take, the further back you levitate. Way up high beyond the clouds. Let me be the hit to take you there”.

– OgKushh