• When: 3rd Mar 1:40pm
  • Where: (7) Garage Project Newtown Ave Stage
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Mo H. Zareei aka mHz is an Iranian sound artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. Using custom-built software and hardware, his experiments with sound include electronic compositions, kinetic sound-sculptures, and audiovisual installations. Regardless of the medium, Zareei’s work aims to highlight the beauty in the fundamental principles behind sound and light production. He has presented his work at various international venues including the New Zealand Festival (Wellington), Modern Body Festival (The Hague), ISEA (Vancouver and Dubai), NIME (London), ICAD (New York), ICMC (Perth), Wellington Lux Festival, and the Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition. He was the recipient of the 1st Sound Art prize at the Sonic Arts Award 2015.

Zareei holds a BSc in Physics from Shahid University (Tehran), a BFA in Music Technology from CalArts (LA), and a PhD in Sonic Arts from Victoria University of Wellington. His recent portfolio of scholarly and artistic work on the intersection of sound-sculpture and brutalism has been published on journal publications such as Organised Sound (Cambridge University Press) and Leonardo Music Journal (MIT Press), and featured on Streaming Museum, Creative Applications, and Creators Project.