• When: 3rd Mar 10:50am
  • Where: (5) New World Community Stage
  • Show map

A celebration of JDK’s journey that began in 2010 with a love for dance to a life of dance.

Founded in 2010 as a collective of dancers with learning difficulties and a passion for hip hop dance, JDK today comprises five male and two female dancers. Following their inaugural show presented at Hannah Playhouse as part of 2018 New Zealand Dance Week, the group have formed a collaboration with Touch Compass Dance Company to present ‘Just Dance Krazy’ as part of Tempo Dance Festival.

JDK are living proof of the positive benefits that dance has on community, physical health, mental well-being and the spirit. Their debut at Tempo Dance Festival, will be an inspiring showcase of inclusive performance that demonstrates the powerful force of dance to move, inspire and transform lives. Dance for life, dance for all but above all, Just Dance Krazy!