Grayson Gilmour

  • When: 3rd Mar 4:20pm
  • Where: (4a) ParrotDog Wilson St Stage
  • Show map
Grayson Gilmour has a threefold musical life – solo artist, band member and film composer.
It’s been a steady evolution, starting at 16 with his first solo CD-Rs, to forming So So Modern at 20, to scoring his first feature film at 26.
His solo releases caught the welcoming ears of critics over the years, and eventually the attention of the iconic Flying Nun Records, who made him the first signing of their 2010 re-launch. Since entering the film world, Grayson has received awards for ‘Best Score’ at the 2012 NZ Film Awards for The Most Fun You Can Have Dying, and ‘Best Original Music’ for Consent at the 2015 APRA Silver Scrolls. So So Modern, after seemingly endless tours around the globe, have achieved an underground cult status for their unique electronic/ post-punk sound, intense live shows, and at times ridiculous costumes.
Nowadays, with Masters in Composition from the NZSM, Gg’s solo releases continue to weave a myriad of influences; from ambient drone to afrobeat shuffle.
His latest album,Otherness, offers a snapshot of this ever-evolving musical journey.