fruit juice parade

  • When: 3rd Mar 1:50pm
  • Where: (9) Normanby St Stage
  • Show map

Hi! We are Shannen (guitar, vocals) and Tharushi (drums, melodica, vocals) from Palmerston North, though we’re moving our base to Wellington this year.  We have been playing shows since year 10 and graduated high school at the end of 2018. At its peak, Palmy had three All Ages venues that we would regularly go to. Growing up in the unpretentious scene of Palmy allowed us to develop our own unique style rather than narrowing ourselves to a commercially popular sound. We play gigs all the time and have joined the likes of Astro Children, Kane Strang and Die! Die! Die! for their Palmy shows. We also won the regional Smokefree Rockquest in 2017 and 2018. We are super inspired by the new wave emo bands in NZ, such as Carb on Carb, SODA BOYZ, Bad Friend and Prizegiving. We’ve been lucky enough to join some of these bands as a part of Papaiti Records through which we released our debut EP ‘the more you don’t know, the less you know’.  We establish our stage presence by communicating with the audience through humor and being wholly ourselves. If you can focus after our killer banter, our music is flush with the many emotions of adolescence. It’s cynical and edgy, but it’s also soft and vulnerable. Our lyrics are written to resonate with young people, whether they be commentary on the political climate or insecurities and self-doubt. We make up for our lack of members with deep chords that are balanced by quirky beats and powerful vocals.