STAGE – Death Ray’s Newtown Festival Budget Showcase

  • When: 3rd Mar 4:00pm
  • Where: (4b) Death Ray Wilson St Stage
  • Show map

Step right the hell up MO-FO’s cos ow Death Ray cave is providing the sickkkkkk Rock N Roll tunes for the 2019 Wu Town Festival. The Death Ray stage plays between Wilson Streets main stage from 4pm. Wilson Streets main stage starts at 10:20am with a mean selection of fuzz and other shit hot tunes yo!. Situated outside Death Manor the Death Ray hori as curb side stage features some ace bands from here and there. We got Holy Serpent from Melbourne hooning out some psychedelic doom fuzz. Trashy as shit garage rock n rollers from Auckland the Bloodbags. And then 3 locals, Church of Goya who play hypnotic noise rock and D-Beat punk from down the road, Rogernomix and lastly party kids Hot Drugs.

So yeah this shit is gonna be legit as fuck!. Parrot-tasty-dog brewery is gonna refresh the bands with tasty brown tonics. And D.R tunes between bands and Mister Mike Hills on the Emcee buzz!

4:00-4:20pmHot Drugs
5:00-5:20pmChurch of Goya 
7:00-7:30pmHoly Serpent
8:10-8:30pmBlood Bags