Blood Bags

  • When: 3rd Mar 8:10pm
  • Where: (4b) Death Ray Wilson St Stage
  • Show map

Don’t get much better than some sublime blabber from Rob “Chainsaw” Fletcher hisself, here be his recent review word-age on our 2nd and 3rd 7″s, on ace State-side site Terminal Boredom –

“Busted Chops” & “Dead Eyes” 7″es – King Perpetrator himself brings us a double whack attack of knuckle draggin’ garage damage. Them shires in the land o’ Nun don’t just produce shambolic twee, y’no! The “Busted Chops” EP features four bottom heavy bangers, sure to satiate the tired old men around here, missing the halcyon times of that Necessary Evils bombast. “Fat Needles” opens the agitation like a Union Carbide Production, rich with a slide guitar to help knock yer needle outta’the groove. “Swollen Hands” has the sorta’ chunky pummel that used to boogie Oblivian, until the dueling solos try to trump each other as if avant horn solos. “Wolfman Won’t Die ” is prime Tex Perkins grunt – a Beasts O’ Bourbon blues barf of the Black Milk age. Things collapse during a an obscene take of “Street Where Nobody Lives”. Finger blistering and bordering on colossal derailment in its nearly hardcore blastitude. I’d imagine Mike Hudson would be grinning ear to ear behind an unfiltered if he’d had a chance to hear it (R.I.P.) Thee status of scum: Red vinyl for yer jackhole.┬áThe “Dead Eyes” single scrapes its rusty claws through some post punk grime, but never falls short of anything but burly. “Red Sally” sees them gravel throat-ed as always, punchin’ up gnarly riffs in chunks ala’ James Arthur-cum-James Gang gone to rot. “Captain Swing” does just that – it swings. This Goat is fully Lubricated. Funny how I mentioned Union Carbide up there, cuz they cover “Cartoon Animal” on the flip. Slowed, gruffly crooned and bordering near balladry. Two great platters that are impossible to find stateside. Hope y’all got to see them trek about this country at least once in the past couple years. Beasts to behold. Swingin’ apelike, you could say. See ya’ next Gonerfest!(RSF)