Ben Woods

  • When: 3rd Mar 3:20pm
  • Where: (4a) ParrotDog Wilson St Stage
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Ben Woods— formerly a supporting member of Wurld Series, Salad Boys, and main force behind short lived group, Fran— is a musician and songwriter currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Woods‘ music exists in a limbo between considered lo-fi sounds and tuneful emotional prose. After spending the first half 2018 writing and funding his upcoming debut “Lozenge”, mostly through bar work and selling his body to medical science, Woods voyaged south to Dunedin to record his album with Steven John Marr. Marr—also known as one half of the psychedelia infused trip-hop act Doprah, and for his production role on Kane Strang’s last two records—takes both recording, mixing, and mastering credits on the album. Woods has recently finished a national tour with his band around New Zealand, and is set to release his debut album in 2019.